Green Mango

A curvaceous beauty who dresses in green,
Unlike any other you've probably seen,
The ignorant pass her by clueless and fraught,
Her bitter appearance, her skin smooth and taut,

The gold that she wears goes more than skin deep,
You'll have to undress her in order to peep,
Her flesh you will crave it both morning and night,
Her juicy sweet textures so tempting to bite,

My lover, my pleasure, my secret wee crush,
I take in each moment, there’s no need to rush,
She feeds every facet; mind, body and soul,
She never falls short in playing her role,

And now in my memory, there she will stay,
Until I head back to Da Nang one fine day,
I then will be unchained once more like great Django,
To sink my teeth into another green mango.