How to become a digital nomad without buying a course on 'How to Become a Digital Nomad'

Work from anywhere…

We’re kind of tired of the standard rhetoric around how to become a digital nomad / location independent. It’s so often focused on building your own “6 figure” business that revolves around passive income, drop-shipping, FBA and [insert new trend to make money fast]. Some 'successful’ digital nomads appear to make money from wannabe nomads by selling them $$$ courses to learn their secrets around said businesses, some of which sound as shady AF. 

In our view, a lot of the talk is bullshit and can be very intimidating for aspirational nomads out there.  (Hell, it intimidates us.) While there are definitely some impressive nomads offering legitimately good courses, you definitely shouldn’t feel that the only way to live your nomad dream is by investing your time and money in a course to fund someone else’s. In fact, you don’t even need to own your own business or earn 6 figures (what’s the obsession with the 6 figures anyway??).

Here’s our secret to becoming a digital nomad (FOR FREE): get a job.

Bayka and I have been digital nomads for 2.5 years. During that time we have worked for someone else. We earn a monthly salary and we pay tax. Sometimes we get bonuses and we look forward to annual increases. We work a normal work week and enjoy our weekends off, like most people. The only difference is that we change our location every now and again. We do not have any super human skills and are not special (although we do come from very privileged backgrounds which we acknowledge makes things a lot easier and more accessible for us).

Nowadays, more and more companies are offering remote jobs. If you really want this lifestyle, and are not sure you want to run your own business, why not apply for one?

Here is our list of favourite remote work sites (I found my job through Escape the City):

Good luck!

PS. In case you're interested: Bayka teaches english online for a Chinese company, and I'm the Operations Manager for a Australian company that specialises in Patient Recruitment.