We're getting married and you're invited.


We realised that our classy google form invite has not been taken seriously and we need something more 'weddingy' to convince you that the invite is in fact REAL.  This is really happening. As we're super resourceful, we decided to use our defunct blog to provide you with all the necessary details.

We'll be adding FAQs, Cape Town tips and more to this website in the weeks to come.

When: satuday 24 november 2018, 12pm

where:  1 Colyn Road, Sweet Valley, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa


Dress Code: formal

rsvp by 31 August 2018 by filling out the form below

(if you have already filled out our awesome google form with a 'Yes', you can skip this part. Not sure if you have confirmed? Here's a list of guests that have said 'Yes' so far).

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